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About Me

I remember the first time I saw a hearse. It was on the way to church with the family and I saw a peculiar vehicle driving along side us and I asked my dad, “What kind of car is that?”. I must have been about 8 years old at the time. My dad then said, “That’s a hearse“. I then said, “I want a hearse!”. “That’s used to carry dead people to their graves! You can’t have a hearse!”, yelled my dad. I thought that hearse was the most beautiful vehicle I had ever seen and the way it made me feel was genuine. And I wanted one! As I grew older the thought of owning a hearse still intrigued me. Thus I began my journey to find a hearse for sale. I wanted my first car to be a hearse! How freaking awesome would that be! And think of all the crazy things you can do with a hearse! And how many people you can pack in the back! So I called mortuaries, and even drove to many of them, and asked if they had hearses for sale. Then, after hours of browsing the web (back in 1998), I finally came across a hearse collector who actually had a dozen hearses on a corner lot in Long Beach, California. All these hearses were for sale. That is, all but one- a 1959 Cadillac Superior 3 Way Coach. I purchased a 1978 Cadillac S&S Coach, blue-gray with blue interior and the smell of it’s interior- unforgettable. Nothing morbid but- smelled like “hearse”.

Before I had even gotten the hearse I had friends tell me, “You can’t drive a hurst! You need a special license or something.” No, you don’t need a special license and it’s not “hurst” (often misspelled or pronounced as hearst! It’s Hearse!!! HEARSE!!!). Additionally, there is no law stating any individual can’t own a hearse! Anyway, just after two days of owning this beautiful hearse I was rear-ended and the rear bumper of my 1978 Cadillac hearse was obliterated.
1978 Cadillac S&S Hearse - hearseforsale.org
The damage totaled the hearse. But, the most wonderful thing is hearses do not have a Blue Book value. Hearses are custom built, usually by order of a funeral home and along with a fleet of limos. The amount I paid for the hearse was the settlement I received. That put me into a white 1976 Cadillac Superior Combination/Limo Style Hearse. This hearse had jump seats in the back, a glass partition, glass all around with removable panels, and along with a vintage gurney. I loved that Cadillac hearse dearly. However, due to budget crisis (gas costing me about $500+/ mo. to get to work and back- in 1999) I had to sell it.
1976 Cadillac Superior Combination Hearse - HearseforSale.org
Sure miss that 1976 Cadillac Superior Hearse…
1976 Cadillac Superior Hearse Combo - Calico, CA - hearseforsale.org
1976 Cadillac Superior Hearse Combo Ambulance - hearseforsale.org
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