This Cadillac: Fleetwood Base Sedan 4-door 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Flower Funeral Car Hearse 350 V 8 5.7 Lt 1 No Rsrv 0.01 was last seen for sale for $5300.00 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Original description:

This is a five day auction for a rare and exceptionally unique Flower Car Funeral Vehicle. This is designed to either lead or follow the hearse in the funeral procession. This is a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood. It has been custom designed by Wilmer’s Flower Cars. Pic of coach manufacturer is included. A Flower Car has a stainless steel bed in the back to hold the flowers and has a drain which lets the water out onto the ground. There is also a large placard in the bed of the car to hold a picture of the deceased. This is typically used by Asian cultures and the flower car is driven around the neighborhood of the deceased on the way to the graveside for everyone to see the picture and pay their respects. I had big plans for this vehicle as it is my third flower car and my fourth professional vehicle as I have a hearse also currently leased out to a funeral home. I had planned to lower it a little, put some low profile tires on it and some nice wheels. I got as far as removing the mufflers (still has twin catalytic converters and twin resonators) and I was going to call it “Waking the Dead.” It has a nice throaty rumble to it and will trumpet if you stand on it! Thats as far as I got when I realized the “back burner” was over flowing with other cars etc. and I need to sell this one. I bought this from a funeral home owner who had retired and this was his last unit. The car was in Brooklyn NY and was garaged kept. He had owned it for 13 years. The 350 LT1 “Based” engine, (this is NOT a Corvette engine but one of some four LT1 based engines) runs GREAT and has PLENTY of power. 4 speed automatic. GM driveline that is FAR more reliable then the 32 Valve North Star engine used in later years. The 93, 94, 95 and 96 cadillacs were the only years to employ the LT1. Great engine and very reliable. The interior is very good with two small tears on the drivers side. The dash is spotless with no tears or cracks. The passenger seat is very nice and the door panels are good with no sagging or cracking. All in all a very drivable car and very unique. As it is a New York car, there is some rust to be expected. I have taken pics to show the main issues of the car. These cars were cut and welded in odd places and any car of this age should expect some rust in places. The undercarriage has surface rust and the frame is solid. The back doors do not open on this unit. Most likely could if you hooked up the latch to the handle. The miles are accurate at 145K and the condition of the car is commensurate with those miles. The car was well maintained and the funeral home director could not afford to have it go down in the middle of a processional so all repairs needed were made in a timely fashion. The car was in service until one year ago. It had had new brakes, but feels like it could use a rotor turning job. Stops GREAT, just surges a bit. No soft pedal! Air conditioning unit is new but must need recharging. It was cold when I bought it now it is blowing warm. Windows roll up and down fine. Cruise works. It will need shocks as I have had it up to 90 or so and it needs shocks. Floats around too much for my comfort. You will get people asking you what it is and these are not used in every funeral home. Use it as a truck, a grocery getter, etc. or put your own stink on it and make it extra unique. Auction is only 5 days so you don’t have to wait for ever for the auction to end. It will start at ONE PENNY and will sell to the highest bidder on Sunday night with no reserve whatsoever. High bidder wins regardless of price! I can ship to the new buyer for $1.25/loaded mile up to 500 miles. If you have any questions or would like to do a FaceTime walk around or what have you, give me a call. Murray 270 872 7507. I am on Eastern time. thanks for checking out the auction!!!

This “Cadillac: Fleetwood Base Sedan 4-door 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Flower Funeral Car Hearse 350 V 8 5.7 Lt 1 No Rsrv 0.01” in Elizabethtown, Kentucky was last seen for sale for $5300.00.