This Cadillac Miller Meteor 1974 Miller Meteor Cadillac Hearse was last seen for sale for $2750.00 in Crestview, Florida.

Original description:

1974 Miller Meteor Cadillac Hearse for sale. I have owned this vehicle for almost two years. In that time I have invested a lot of time and money attempting to restore it to daily driver condition. I am in graduate school, working, and raising two grandchildren now and I just do not have the time or extra money to invest in the coach any further. As such, I am selling this coach as a “PROJECT CAR” for someone who has the time to invest in fixing it up. I already have over $6500 invested in coach. I am asking for $2750.00 (firm). Coach is a good restoration candidate but will need some work to get her back to her former glory. She starts and drives but has some issues that I will detail below. Some of the known issues with the car:Brakes will need work. Car stops but the brakes are somewhat mushy. I replaced the brakes on all four tires last year along with the wheel cylinders. However, the rear brake line blew and I had to replace that line. Ever since then the brakes have felt mushy. I took the coach to a local shop and they bled the entire system and it was fine for a while but now that the coach has been sitting for some months they feel mushy again. I recommend that ALL of the brake lines be replaced along with the master cylinder and booster. Washer pump not working (I replaced the pump with a new one but it still will not function correctly)Rear main seal leak (leaked about 1 quart over the course of a year)Needs new transmission pan gasket. I have a new gasket and transmission pan that just needs to be installed. (included in the sale of the vehicle)Car is currently in primer, will need to be painted.There is a small leak around the front passenger door that I have not been able to pinpoint yet. I have the carpet out right now along with the door panel while I am searching for it. I can leave it out or reinstall it prior to the coach being shipped to you.The vehicle is old so the material is ragged in places. The two front door panels are in especially poor condition along the bottom edges. The coach is hard to start when it is cold. I was told that I need to install a manual choke. Once the coach warms up, it starts in an instance each and every time. The hood is seriously misaligned. I had to remove the hinges to have them rebuilt when I purchased the coach and I was never able to realign it by myself afterwards.The windshield is cracked. It is commercial glass but Pilkington is still selling this piece. Front end will need work eventually. The steering is loose. Local shop advised that I replace tie-rods, tie-rod ends, center link (probable), and all of the bushings. Front end kits are available at a reasonable price from numerous retailers as well as eBay, Amazon, etc. There has been too much work completed on the coach by me to list but here is a sample of the work completed to date:The roof has been professionally repaired (had holes in it when I purchased the coach). Instead of putting vinyl or painting the repaired roof, I rolled truck bedliner onto it. It looks great and more importantly, it no longer leaks!I had a new muffler installed and the entire system checked for exhaust leaks (muffler was too loud for my tastes).I changed the ignition system over from points to HEI (see photos).New ignition wire set installed.New AC compressor installed (AC still does not work – refrigerant leak somewhere that I have been unable to locate).New alternator installed.New starter installed.New headliner in front and rear of coach. When I purchased the coach the entire rear beir had been removed – I have rebuilt the floor in the rear and replaced the rollers, rebuilt the divider, and replaced the divider glass. New battery installed.New spark plugs installed.Timing and idle professionally adjusted/set.I purchased four new tires (they have less than 50 miles on them). Coach would look better with white walls but at least it has good rubber on it for now.New carpet has been installed. When I got the coach the carpet was water logged, mildewed, and in shreds. I sanded the front floor pans to remove all of the surface rust and then treated the floor with three coats of POR-15 rust preventative paint. (The carpet is currently out of the coach while I try to figure out where the leak is around the passenger side door.)I had to replace the rear bumper ends. The had rusted completely through.Hood hinges rebuilt. I replaced the taillights. Previous lights were cracked and falling apart.Headlights have wigwag system installed. Beacon ray on top of coach works and is included in the sale. Speaker box in rear with dual 12″ woofers along with four 6×9 speaker boxes (2 in rear and 2 behind front seats). Also, comes with two amps pre-wired. Located in Crestview, FL. Additional photos upon request (must be specific). I also have videos of the engine running and the light system engaged. Have receipts for all work done and a clean and clear title in hand. Coach is currently registered and tagged in Florida.

This “Cadillac Miller Meteor 1974 Miller Meteor Cadillac Hearse” in Crestview, Florida was last seen for sale for $2750.00.