This Cadillac : Other Hearse 1975 Cadillac Superior Crown Limited 3 Way Electric was last seen for sale for $1102.00 in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

Original description:

I am offering up for auction, my very rare 1975 Cadillac hearse, with coachwork by Superior. It is a rare Crown Limited side loading model with an electric table. I purchased her about 10 years ago, with the intent to restore her. I parked her in the garage, and haven’t really touched her since. I’ve gathered quite a few parts for her, but a combination of moving and starting a new business have made it difficult to start the project, therefore I offer her up for sale. She is a genuine “Z” code commercial chassis vehicle, not a converted sedan. She is of the “commercial glass” variety of funeral coach. All of her special bier components are there, she hasn’t been doctored or modified. Her frame, and floors are in excellent condition. Straight and solid. The front fenders have the usual corrosion at the bottoms, and some very minor bubbling on the rear quarters, nothing that can’t be corrected. Her 8.2 liter V-8 is original and runs well. She drives and needs little to be on the road. What she needs is a good home. One that will bring her back to her former glory. A word to those who are looking for a hot rod or 4 X 4 project – this isn’t the vehicle for you. There are plenty of modified hearses that can be turned into projects like that, she is much too RARE for that. After two bad experiences here, I will, one last time, caution that you should bid ONLY if you intend to purchase her. I really hate doing it, but I will report you and leave negative feedback if you are a “non-payer.” With that said, email with questions, I will answer as best as I can. She’s a grand, stately coach that deserves some TLC.

This “Cadillac : Other Hearse 1975 Cadillac Superior Crown Limited 3 Way Electric” in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey was last seen for sale for $1102.00.