This Cadillac : Other Hearse 1979 Cadillac Miller Meteor Hearse was last seen for sale for $2375.00 in Piney River, Virginia.

Original description:

1979 Cadillac Miller Meteor Hearse With a massive 425 V8, AT, and only 98664 miles. This is a nice Hearse it runs, rides, and drives great, as thy say like a Cadillac, and is a blast to drive. Imagine all the fun you could have driving this around this Halloween, I don’t know why people love these things so much but I get all kinds of looks, waves, and thumbs up every time I take it out. I guess it is because thy are just cool. The interior is in great shape, and everything works great it also has air that has been converted to R 134 but is low in freon it has a leak somewhere but should be easy to find. The body is in great shape with no dents and very very very little rust, just a few small spots on the back loader door where the paint is starting to bubble up, and the paint looks good with a few spots where the paint has some chips but all in all still looks good, it even still has a nice shine. The Miller Meteor in 79 didn’t have a vinyl top it had a type of early bed liner and it is also still very nice. If you are looking for a cool ride for your band, to promote a bar, your business, make a team tailgating party ride, or just to cruise and have fun this would be great. It could easily be wrapped in you logo or wild flames skulls or what ever you can think of , or flat black it with some old school pinstripes, and also easily drop this think to the ground and make it look cool. I parked my 72 Miller Meteor in front of my house last Halloween with a smoke machine and some red and orange flickering lights under it and some bodies and tombstones around it and people where stopping and looking and taking pictures for days, it was too much fun. It won’t last long Hearse are getting harder and harder to find and with Halloween coming soon thy are going fast. I can also deliver it if you need it in Va and Nc

This “Cadillac : Other Hearse 1979 Cadillac Miller Meteor Hearse” in Piney River, Virginia was last seen for sale for $2375.00.