This Cadillac : Other Landau 1958 Cadillac Eureka Landau Hearse Ambulance Series 62 Rolling Rare was last seen for sale for $1250.00 in Pueblo, Colorado.

Original description:

Here is a rare 1958 Cadillac Eureka Hearse. These cars were already one of a few custom cars made by Eureka before it went out of business in 1964. This is for a rare Landau Model. I am offering this car for someone to breathe life back into. This car sat in a salvage yard for many decades, waiting for someone to restore it and I want it to find that owner. I already own one of these in good running condition so I am letting this go to the highest bidder so it too can be a runner again. I had planned to use many parts from my donor 4 door Cadillac (available for sale to the winning bidder for $500) which has a good spinning motor and excellent Rear quarter panels with fins. This car has all four tires (Unlike the salvage yard pic) and is a rolling vehicle with 4 aired up tires.This car already has many of the irreplaceable parts but contact me later as I have a ton of other 1957, 1958 Eureka Specific parts to help finish this. I also have a good pair of rear 3/4 panels I can put in this back of this car when shipped for an extra $250. I also have a spare 1958 Eureka Hearse with excellent fenders, panels, and doors that I can sell you for an additional $2000 to help you finish this. I even have an excellent pair of the original side lights I can include for an extra price. This is for the car only and all of the valuable trim on it, seen as is. This car has a lot of impossible to find hearse specific parts as well such as the rear bumper, fenders, etc. This 1958 Cadillac hearse weighs about 4500lbs as is and is almost 20 ft long, but it does steer and roll. This does not have an engine or transmission but does have a title. If you need the engine and trans and rear quarters, be the highest bidder and I will sell the donor 1958 Cadillac car to you for an extra $500 (I also have a title for that car). These cars are already rare because so few were made and one in 10 of those made it this far without succumbing to the crusher, so own this rare piece of funerary art and history. It has the very rare curved rear and front windshields, which in of themselves are worth about $800 – $1000 each individually (I do hope someone makes molds of these so these cars can have curved glass for future generations), so if you already own a 1957 or 1958 Hearse or Ambulance, it would be in your best interest to get spares because they don’t make this rare glass anymore. Again, this car just so happens to also have a title, which is also rare and alleviates a big hassle when trying to get it registered. The Hood is no longer with the car. Spring is here again, so get this one done this Spring/ Summer so you can have a driver by Autumn.

This “Cadillac : Other Landau 1958 Cadillac Eureka Landau Hearse Ambulance 1957 1959 Series 62 Rolling Rare” in Pueblo, Colorado was last seen for sale for $1250.00.