This Cadillac : Other Superior 2003 Cadillac Hearse Superior was last seen for sale for $4500.00 in Grand Falls, New Brunswick.

Original description:

about 66 000 miles on the car. Some body work have been done the the rear door and the rear bumper before I purchased the car. Some under the paint on front fenders. Runs and drives good! Breaks will need to be checked out. Was in service at a funeral home in Quebec, Canada 2 months ago. I’ve bought the car as a project but no more time for it. The odometer shows 108 000km : so its about 66 000 miles The hearse is in New Brunswick, CANADA. Price is in USD. Shipping is your responsability Don’t bid if you can’t pay! This vehicle is also listed locally, I reserve the right to end this auction early. PERFECT FRONT LINE VEHICLE FOR SMALL FUNERAL HOME , A BACKUP VEHICLE FOR BUSY ESTABLISHED FUNERAL HOME OR LIVERY SERVICE WHICH CATERS TO FUNERAL INDUSTRY. Make me a decent offer and I will accept it.

This “Cadillac : Other Superior 2003 Cadillac Hearse Superior” in Grand Falls, New Brunswick was last seen for sale for $4500.00.