This Cadillac: Superior Hearse, Cadillac, Deville was last seen for sale for $5000.00 in Grand Falls, New Brunswick.

Original description:

This is a Canadian hearse located in NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA. Shipping/pick up/exportation are BUYER RESPONSABILITY. Around 108 000 KILOMETERS on the hearse ( 67 000 miles). Look at the pictures for the hearse condition. You wil see some under the paint on the front fenders and back door. The only problem I know is the Brake fluid leak. it needs new lines, around 300$ to fix it. Ask questions before bidding. There is no tax to pay at the US Customs, only at your state registration office.

This “Cadillac: Superior Hearse, Cadillac, Deville” in Grand Falls, New Brunswick was last seen for sale for $5000.00.