This Deville Hearse 2000 Superior Cadillac Statesman Coach Hearse was last seen for sale for $1509.00 in Tifton, Georgia.

Original description:

2000 Superior Cadillac Statesman Coach (Hearse)83,460 milesRoyal Blue and WhiteClear, clean title Features:- Garage/Carport kept- New Tires (less than 100miles on them) – see pictures- Two sets of keys; remote entry- Power windows and locks- Wig wag/strobe lights- Flag mounts- CD Player w/ USB and Auxiliary Ports- Pictures attached Cadillac dealer serviced. Runs great; it is a sound vehicle that is currently used on services. PERFECT as primary service vehicle or for removals. Trustworthy for distance travel. Question: Would we trust it on the interstate for a multiple hour and multiple hundred mile trip. Answer: YES, without any reservations. Auction may end early as this coach is listed for private sale also. Notices:- Rear suspension system no longer auto adjusts as common for this era and newer Cadillac Deville and DTS models. This is not noticeable visually (as reflected in pictures) or in the ride. – Service Lights: “Check Engine”, “Traction Control” and “Check Coolant” lights are on due to sensor false reading. However, there are not any issues. Dealer serviced; complete inspection each service. – Small but unnoticeable rust spot rear door above handle (see picture). – Vehicle does not have operable cruise control feature. Seller welcomes any questions.

This ” Deville Hearse 2000 Superior Cadillac Statesman Coach Hearse” in Tifton, Georgia was last seen for sale for $1509.00.