This Heritage Hearse Funeral Coach 2007 Cadillac Heritage Hearse By Federal Coach was last seen for sale for $24695.00 in Long Island City, New York.

Funeral Coach

Original description:

HERITAGE HEARSEby: Federal Coach ■The Right Mileage/The Right Price■ We are offering at auction, to the highest bidder, a triple black Cadillac funeral coach manufactured by Federal Coach. This is a Heritage Hearse with black raven paint, a black vinyl top, and matching black leather seating. It’s chromed stainless steel crown molding and Cadillac chrome wheels make this vehicle stand-out. It also has processional strobe lights in the front grille – both purple and white. Our dealership sold this coach new, and took it back in trade.When driving back to the dealership from delivering the funeral home’s new Heritage Hearse the odometer turned 30,000 miles. How can you go wrong with a car that has only been driven on average around 3,300 miles/year?Unlike most professional vehicle dealerships, we are also a multi-franchise General Motors dealership. Once this hearse came back in on trade we gave it to our authorized CADILLAC SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Our Cadillac certified technicians evaluated and serviced this car so that it can go back into funeral service with no worries!There are two items that should be mentioned. We ordered a new bumper protector carpet from the coachbuilder. However, we took the pictures before UPS got here with the new protector carpet. Rest assured, the new carpet will be installed prior to delivery. Also, the pictures were taken with the car just having a quick wash. Prior to delivery we will send the car to the local detail shop.THE SMALL PRINT: – This vehicle is also being offered for sale locally and the auction could end at any time, without prior notice if the car is sold locally. Of course if you use the “Buy it now” feature and have a deposit in house we would never sell the vehicle out from under you. – This is a used commercial vehicle. While it is in excellent condition (particularly for it’s age) it is a used vehicle and may have some signs of wear or another imperfection. If you are looking for a hearse with a factory fresh look, with zero imperfections, we offer those. Those are new hearses and they start around $90,000+ – BEFORE bidding you are invited to examine and road test this vehicle. It is located in Long Island City, New York only ten minutes from LGA Airport. We will gladly show this coach during normal business hours by appointment. – BEFORE bidding please make certain that you have your funds in place. You can’t go looking to finance the vehicle AFTER you purchased it; do you homework first. – We are a licensed New York State Retail Motor Vehicle Dealer. If you are an out-of-state buyer and will be having the coach shipped to you via common carrier then no sales tax or registration fees will apply. If you are an out-of-state buyer and plan on driving the hearse back to your home state then you will need proof of identity, insurance on this vehicle, and we will be able to get you an In-Transit License Plate. If you are a New York State Resident then we must collect NYS Sales Tax for the county in which you live. Additionally you will need to have insurance and proof of identity so that we can issue you actual NYS license plates.Fees:$75.00 Doc Fee on all motor vehicle purchases (all sales)$37.00 NYS Used Car Inspection (only if staying in NYS)$15.00 In-Transit License Plate (only if leaving NYS)$ TBD NYS resident license plates if staying in NYS$12.50 NYS Tire Tax (all sales)

This ” Heritage Hearse Funeral Coach 2007 Cadillac Heritage Hearse By Federal Coach” in Long Island City, New York was last seen for sale for $24695.00.