1939 La Salle Master Piece Carved Coach

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This very special and exceptionally rare hearse the Damascus was the finest offered by Sayers and Scovill in 1939. In the late 1930s production of the Carved panel hearses diminished as the limousine style hearse gained in popularity. This particular La Salle by Sayers and Scovill features all the optional S&S markings on the grill, hood louvers, hubcaps, rear bumper, and door step plates. No La Salle nameplates appear on the hearse. It also has two additional rare options, one being Sayers and Scovill extension table patented in 1935 and the other being the side doors for the casket compartment. The " the top of the line " Damascus model also features carvings on the rear door. The hearse still has Sayers and Scovill date markings around the grill. The division window behind the chauffeur features an etched sunburst pattern. The casket compartment is finished in a very fine stained wood with cloth inserts. This hearse had a frame up restoration 1994 and is in pristine condition.

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