1984 Buick Electra S&S Hearse

This 1984 Buick Electra S&S Hearse Funeral Coach was last seen for sale for $510.00 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is a rare 1984 Buick Electra S&S Hearse. This is the second hearse we have listed. You can check out it’s sibling under 1989 Buick Lesabre Hearse. The car was acquired through an auction along with the other car. I sifted through the paperwork left inside the car and fortunately was able to locate the mortuary that last owned it. Speaking with the owner I learned that he had bought the mortuary after it had closed in about 2010. This car and the other were sitting on flat tires, had no keys and apparently hadn’t run since the business closed. He sent them to the auction and we purchased them. Mileage on this car SHOWS 62,224 but it is probably over 100,000. The previous owner stated that he believed this car had a replacement engine approximately 10,000 miles ago. We had ignition keys made and we got the car to start and run on carb cleaner. It seems to run very well after coming back from the dead, but it requires the carb cleaner to be continuously sprayed into it to stay running. It’s not getting fuel and we figure the fuel pump is toast and the car will need to be towed to its new home. We can supply a video of it running on carb cleaner if requested. The interior is blue velour and is in very good condition for its age overall. The rear cargo floor “wood” is coming up and will need to be replaced. We were able to get the windows to go up and down, the radio, power locks and A/C all seem to function. The body does show some rust spots under the vinyl top along the sides. The rear door has a rust spot as well. The top does have a few noticeable tears. They all should be relatively easy fixes. The tires have been changed out and now hold air. The hubcaps are Cadillac and include the hubcap lock. KNOWN PROBLEMS: There are no door keys. Some rust as outlined above. The grill is broken. The car will need a fuel pump at minimum to run. TITLE: The car has an clean and open Nevada title. It will NOT need to be registered as salvage. So, that’s its story. Its not dead yet!

This “1984 Buick Electra S&S Hearse” in Las Vegas, Nevada was last seen for sale for $510.00