1956 Cadillac Hearse by Meteor

Unearth History: The Splendid 1956 Cadillac Hearse Awaits Restoration!

This 1956 Cadillac Hearse was last seen for sale in Yucaipa, California for $7500.00 or best offer.

Hearse Archive – Not for sale


Step into a time capsule and discover the captivating allure of the 1956 Cadillac Meteor Hearse. This vintage masterpiece beckons for restoration, offering a blank canvas to revive the elegance of a bygone era. While it currently lacks a motor or transmission, this hearse presents a thrilling opportunity for you to embark on a journey of revival.

Exceptional Body

The body of this remarkable piece is nothing short of breathtaking. It boasts a remarkable condition with ZERO RUST, save for minor spots on the drivers’ compartment floor pans. The enduring strength of its body stands as a testament to its rock-solid foundation, promising to shine once more with the touch of restoration.

Elegant Glass

Every curved glass surface reflects the timeless elegance of the 1956 Cadillac Hearse, preserving its original beauty. Beyond its potential for restoration, this hearse holds an allure in the artistry that will unfold as you breathe new life into its storied existence.

Embrace History

Seize this remarkable chance to embrace history, channel your creativity, and restore this majestic Cadillac hearse to its former glory. Your journey of restoration begins with this extraordinary canvas, poised to carry the legacy of a bygone era into the future.


The 1956 Cadillac Meteor Hearse is a testament to the enduring beauty of vintage automobiles. While it may currently be without a motor or transmission, its potential for restoration shines brightly. With a solid body, elegant glass, and the promise of revival, this hearse invites you to become a custodian of history and an artisan of restoration.

This 1956 Cadillac Hearse was last seen for sale for a price of $7500 or best offer in Yucaipa, California, USA.