1958 Cadillac Hearse Built By Superior 3 Way Electric Table

This 1958 Cadillac Hearse Built By Superior with 3 Way Electric Table was last seen for sale for $6600.00 in York Haven, Pennsylvania.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

1958 Cadillac Hearse Superior with electric 3 way table. No reserve auction. Hello Folks! You are looking at a 1958 Cadillac Hearse built by Superior. This is a car of which only a few were built in this year, with the 3 way electric table design. We heard there were 50, but only found information about 2 existing, one is in the USA and the other is out of country. That is what we found by searching the web, but you could do your own research if this matters to you and you might find out a lot more information then I did. Either way, this car was built by Superior, and they only made a limited amount of hearses in 1958. Condition: This car does not have a motor or a transmission. The rear shocks appear to have worked off a hydraulic pump by engine that raised and lowered as needed because of weight. This car is a roller and will does steer fine, All the tires hold air. There are no working brakes on the car at this time. The front windshield is in good shape and the rear rounded corner glass is in good condition. Great because these are costly the hard to get ones. The rear door glass is plexi. and not very solid. Most all the flat window and door glass all have some sort of damage; some major, some minor. The body and frame are in very good condition. I have found very little to no rust holes or repairs on this entire car. Has a few small dents and scratches on the body but nothing appears to bad. And appears to still have the original paint, but maybe not so nice. (unless you are building a rat rod than your done) That is except drivers door may have had something done in it life and where someone had taken all the emblems off the car and smooth coated them for the sleek look. I do not have the Cadillac emblems. Most all the stainless trim and chrome moldings are intact and appear to be pretty good condition. All latches and handles will need work, they stick so they do not work properly. The bottoms of all the doors appear to be super solid. I did not find any rust holes on any of them, just surface rust as the with the complete car. There is a very small amount of rust on front floor boards, look at pictures, and at rear of car around electric table motor floor area, but this is still very minor. Roof looks very straight and dent free. This car appears to have no body panels that need to be bought or replaced you should have no problem working with any of these panels. This car is a great project for just about any of us, you do not need to be a professional for this one, it easy compared to most. All the body mounts and rockers of this car appear super solid. You would work really hard to find a better body than this one. There are service stickers from California on the door. I guess this explains why the body is not rusted out. The chrome on the bumpers have some minor rust and dents as you can see. The interior is very poor, but most of the Superior door trim and door panels are still there for a pattern. Also, you can still see the fabric, carpet, and upholstery that was used. Most of the headliner is missing. The front seat is power, and seat frame appears usable. The gauges in the dash are all missing, and there aren’t any keys for the doors or ignition. The car appears to be pretty straight. All doors open and close, but the passenger door does bind on front fender, it needs adjusted. The table is missing that hooks to the electric system for the three way to send casket out the side doors or rear door. To all you bidders this is not one of those junk yard cars that have been moved all over with a loader. This car has been safely stored for along time.

This “1958 Cadillac Superior Hearse 3 Way” in York Haven, Pennsylvania was last seen for sale for $6600.00.