1959 Cadillac Eureka Hearse

This 1959 Cadillac Eureka Hearse was last seen for sale for $31100.00 in Wheaton, Illinois.

Combination Hearse/Ambulance Vehicle made by Eureka

There is a lot to read but I’ve tried to be thorough. Up for purchase is a very rare and unique vehicle. The history of the Eureka company’s production of professional vehicles is impressive. Their reputation for quality craftsmanship and advancements in design are obvious when comparing them to the other makers of commercial vehicles of the time. I am listing this Eureka at this point of the Restoration solely because someone may want to personalize the vehicle from this point forward in the restoration, or maybe take it in a direction other then restoration to original condition, as I was headed. This car will be too valuable when completed for it not to be just as the new owner desires. I have had several other projects that were of more interest to me so progress on this car has been slow of recent. Now About The Car: The body has been stripped to bare metal. New metal welded in as needed (mainly floor and rocker repair) and coated with self etching primer. Then epoxy primer and a base coat covered with multiple coats of clear. The paint job was then wet sanded and buffed to a beautiful luster. Frame and undercarriage was cleaned and painted in a satin black chassis paint. Underside body panels and floors were undercoated. Drivetrain has been totally gone through as well. The 1959 390 motor has been bored, the crank ground, all new internals (oil pump, timing, etc.) heads redone, carb rebuilt, you know the drill. The water pump is new, generator and starter rebuilt, radiator tested, new A/C dryer, A/C condenser flushed, gas tank sealed, new sending unit and fuel lines installed from tank to carb and the list goes on, but you get the picture. Brakes are all new from the master cylinder to the wheel cylinders, including all lines, shoes, and hardware. New hoses and belts installed. The Eureka was not an A/C car, but I purchased a 59 parts car that was equipped with the factory A/C setup, and installed it on the Eureka just as if it had been a factory A/C car from the start. All underhood, underfender, underdash parts and duct work and wiring along with the A/C dash and controls and vents were also installed. It appears factory stock, as it should. Interior is finished in white and black and chrome. Dash is an original 59 and looks very nice. Steering wheel looks very nice in white and black. White leather front seat is also an original and presents very nicely. Front passenger compartment just needs door panels finished and carpet to complete, but they should match the rest of the interior, and this is the point of the restoration that the interior can be personalized any way desired. The flat glass is all there for patterns, and I have a source for the new glass if desired. The curved glass for the rear quarters is in near perfect condition thank goodness. I just uncovered several boxes of chrome that came back from the plater in the 90’s and some of the Eureka specific pieces look great. I’ve included a picture of the curved window trim, quarter trim panel and front door extension pieces. The interior trim for the rear windows has all been finished in a satin black and looks very nice. The stainless rocker trim looks very nice (they are very long) and the roof drip rail trim is complete (also very long). I can not find, at this time, the hardware for the gurney or casket in the back area. I do not have the jump seat either so my plans were to construct one. The bulkhead heater for the rear is also missing, but one of the underseat heaters from my 46 Lincolns look like it could be adapted. Parts needed to finish would include the flat glass and windshield, trim clips, weather stripping, pieces listed in the previous paragraph, bulbs, tires of your choice, carpet and door panels, exhaust system, maybe a piece of trim or two, and a few odds and ends here and there. Work to finish would include install the trim, finish the rear cargo area, install glass, install the items listed above and finish hooking up the remaining wiring (harness is all in place), etc. That’s it in a nut shell. If you have any questions please ask. If you want to come see the car we can set up an appointment. You can take delivery as it sits and is described, or we can negotiate completion of the car anyway you wish. Restore it to it’s original glory, build a Ghostbuster tribute car, with the next Ghostbuster movie coming out in 2020. (Hollywood are you listening?).

This “1959 Cadillac Eureka Hearse” in Wheaton, Illinois was last seen for sale for $31100.00.