1959 Cadillac Superior Royale Hearse/Ambulance Combo

This 1959 Cadillac Hearse/Ambulance Combo Superior Royale was last seen for sale for $21500.00 in Red Oak, Texas.

1959 Superior Cadillac. This is the Royale limo-style combination. Obviously needs restoration but these are hands down the rarest and most sought-after funeral cars on the face of the earth today. This one is really very solid, the rockers, frame, and quarters all look great. Definitely will need floor pans but in a car this rare it’s a small issue. It’s pretty much all complete and all there, the missing door trim appears to be in the back. This particular car was a combination car which meant it could be a hearse or an ambulance. This particular car has a neat history, its been in Texas its whole like and the old picture is a picture of it outside of Sanders Funeral Home, the same funeral home that did Buddy Holly’s funeral. We have no idea if this was the car they used or if it was the one they owned previous to this one, we haven’t found a definitive proof one way or the other but it stands to reason that only buying a new car every few years they would have had this one in time for the February funeral. Please, do NOT call and bother the funeral home, they’ve been bought and sold since then and there are no records from that era available or even in existence, we’ve already checked. They had photos of the car when they owned it but they couldn’t verify the date they got it. Likewise, the Buddy Holly museum says they currently have no photos of the funeral that show the car and have been unable to track one down, so far. Who knows what will be uncovered in the future. So while we’re pretty optimistic this is the car that carried him, we can’t say for certain. It is a neat concept though, a 59 Caddy hearse that carried a famous rock icon. The windshield has a few cracks but is intact and the very rare corner windows and rear door glass are in great shape. A couple of pieces of side glass are cracked but those pieces are just flat glass and any good glass shop should be able to cut through. It appears all the curtain rods are inside and most of the “Superior” badges. Has front and rear heat and the driver’s side quarter panel air intake is there. It had an aftermarket AC on it all of those parts are inside along with the radiator and the fan. The engine is all there but no idea what kind of shape it’s in internally. I never made an attempt to start it so I honestly can’t say.

This “1959 Cadillac Hearse/Ambulance Combo Superior Royale” in Red Oak, Texas was last seen for sale at $21500.00.