1961 Cadillac Superior Hearse

This 1961 Cadillac Superior Hearse was last seen for sale for $4050.00 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Hard to come by 1961 Cadillac Superior 3 way Hearse. I was told that this is 1 or 135 or so that they built that year with even less having the level of trim that this one has. The good – Runs drives and stops ( but needs work ), Floors are solid ( minus one small spot in photos ,) Windshield is in good shape. Looks to have original working keys. Newer gas tank. Rebuilt generator. Rebuilt factory windshield wiper motor. Set of factory hubcaps. Comes with factory rims. Federal enterprise siren. A ton of extra trim parts in the back. Original wood floor is there. Original mound is also there. Comes with a modern wire system if you choose to go that route. Modern disc brakes in the front that uses factory spindles. The bad – Two windows have cracks. Needs paint and interior work. Needs tune up and brakes looked at. Speedo doesn’t work. Roof trim and door seals leak when it rains (it has been in storage or had a tarp on it since it came from California). Trans might benefit from being flushed. Carb needs adjusted. Minor hole in floor and above wheel wheel (pic shows).

This “1961 Cadillac Superior Hearse” in Louisville, Kentucky was last seen for sale for $4050.00.