1962 Cadillac Hearse by Miller-Meteor – “Morty” from Degrassi

Introducing “Morty” from Degrassi – A Vintage 1962 Cadillac Hearse by Miller Meteor

This 1962 Cadillac Hearse, “Morty”, was last seen for sale in Des Moines, Iowa for $11,500.

Hearse archive – Not for sale

In the world of vintage vehicles, one gem stands out – the 1962 Cadillac Hearse by Miller Meteor, famously known as “Morty” from Degrassi. This 1962 Cadillac funeral car is a dream come true for any enthusiast. With its glossy black exterior, iconic fins, and a chrome finish that seems to stretch into infinity, Morty is a true classic.

Morty’s history is as intriguing as its appearance. This hearse is a genuine traditional end loader, still in its original condition. It carries the legacy of being the fifth owner, with a trail of paperwork dating back to its first home at the Brenan and Sons Funeral Home in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. Afterward, it served as a Newfoundland Salvation Army Hearse before passing through the hands of two private owners in the area. It eventually found its way to the Midwest, where it currently resides. All documentation, including the title and registration, is in impeccable order.

Interestingly, Morty also had its moment in the spotlight as the infamous “Morty” in the Degrassi TV series, although a change was made to the landau bars upon its acquisition. The landau bars were positioned the wrong way for the filming of the TV series. The pictures speak volumes about Morty’s condition, and the engine and transmission perform exceptionally well, a rarity for a hearse of this vintage.

With only 32,865 miles on Morty the hearse’s odometer, it’s highly likely that the engine has not seen much use, considering its pristine condition. Although it runs impeccably, some precautions are advisable, like replacing the water pump and exhaust manifolds before embarking on extended road trips. While most of the electrical components are in working order, the wiper motor might require attention. The interior of this 1962 Cadillac hearse, in green and tan, remains a gem, with an immaculate headliner, door panels, sconce walls, wheelwell shelves, and carpeting. The velvet bench seat shows minimal signs of wear, mainly at the corners, but it’s still serviceable. Original curtains and chrome fixtures maintain their original charm.

The body and paint may need some attention for those aiming for a show-worthy finish, but others might appreciate the vintage “winter patina.” The original crinkle top, although worn in places, adds character. Some rust is visible on the lower rocker areas, and replacing the floor pans in the driver’s compartment might be on the to-do list. The package includes sources for replacement parts for the front fenders and rear quarter panels, allowing you to restore Morty to its former glory. You’ll also find a set of bumpers, an original hood insulation pad, a ’59 to ’64 fan shroud, original bier pins, and a 1962 Cadillac owner’s manual included in this remarkable deal.

This 1962 Cadillac Hearse by M&M, “Morty” from Degrassi was last seen for sale for $11,500 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.