1962 Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance Hearse Combo

This 1962 Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance Hearse Combo was last seen for sale for $8100.00 in Pahrump, Nevada.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

1962 Cadillac Miller-Meteor duplex combination hearse/ambulance. What makes this rare is the roofline with the very narrow rear pillar. This pillar on the inside had the hearse lighting on it. This classic car has only 44,000 miles on it we believe. The headliner is original and intact as is all the interior fabric, there is very little wear. The vinyl floor is original and will need to be replaced. The decking overall seems to be solid and a few small sections will have to be replaced. All seating is original, pictures will show descriptions. Gauges all seem to work, as do the lights a few bulbs will need to be replaced such as the red emergency light in the front. The siren works, as does the beacon ray, gumball light on the roof. Car runs well has not been licensed since 1979 according to the plates. Drove the car around the property and goes forward and reverse. We will test drive on the street to make sure transmission shifts correctly. We let the car idle for about 30 mins the engine temp was normal. We are putting a new master cylinder on, the fuel tank was professionally boiled out. And the carburetor and water pump we rebuilt. The block was flushed and the engine resealed. You’ll see pictures of the undercarriage when these cars were built most everything from cowl/firewall was built by miller meteor. It appears that most of their work is in reasonably solid condition with the exception of the inner and outer rocker panels. There substandard repair work done above the rear wheel well opening at the top. There is also some rust where the fender skirts mount to the body. Surprisingly, the rear quarters behind the wheels overall are in good original condition. The main x frame is in good condition with subsequent body braces in solid condition. The exhaust is old and will need replacing. Once again the car will need total restoration. The car was painted many years ago and not well prepped. The right front lower bumper will need to be replaced.

This “1962 Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance Hearse Combo” in Pahrump, Nevada was last seen for sale for $8100.00.