1969 Cadillac Hearse

1969 Cadillac Commercial Chassis Cursed Hearse

This 1969 Cadillac Hearse was last seen for sale for $1075.00 in Boise, Idaho.

Just in time for the season you can get your claws on a genuine and rare 1969 Cadillac hearse! Fantastic restoration project! Amazing Halloween prop! This hellwagon’s got history! I bought it last year in Portland and tried to drive it home to Boise. It overheated in The Dalles so I left it with the only mechanic that was open (it was a Sunday). This mechanic was apparently not equipped to deal with a haunted hearse. He called me two weeks later and said it was ready so I drove another five hours back to The Dalles and tried to drive this bone bucket home again. This time the vinyl top ripped off in the wind, flapping like giant bat wings and raining some foul substance all over my head. I ripped the vinyl all the way off and got back on my way. It then overheated again and caught on fire. Apparently, the spirits didn’t want this thing to leave The Land of the Weird. Disgusted, and a little scared, I left it on the side of I-84 and called the mechanic to come get it and try again, returning to Boise empty-handed again. Between a suspect mechanic and a national pandemic, I’ve spent the last year trying to get the mechanic to get it fixed and get it over here to Boise. The mechanic and his wife, who live way out in the spooky boonies, told us they’ve felt very uncomfortable the entire time the hearse was sitting on their property. They said their neighbors have also felt very uncomfortable and asked them several times to get rid of it. At one point, the mechanic asked the elders of the local Native American tribe to come over and check out the hearse, and possibly bless it. The elders told him they sensed 5or 6 spirits associated with the hearse. A couple of people here in Boise have expressed interest in doing some paranormal research on this vehicle. It has a reference to Zuul on the back window and it even has skulls on the shift lever and front locks!

This “1969 Cadillac Hearse” in Boise, Idaho was last seen for sale at $1075.00.