1969 Cadillac Hearse

This 1969 Cadillac Hearse was last seen for sale for $2500.00 in Sayre, Oklahoma.

This is a unique hearse been sitting for years and was a special order car for a community to be used as an Ambulance and or a hearse. So this car has 2 jump seats so they can be with the patient while transport. Car needs to be restored if you are looking for a special build car here you go. Original paint, 97000 miles does not run but all there. glass is in front doors also have inner door panels and hard ware. back door opens and closes fine rear interior pretty nice, needs headliner. front seat needs new upholstery, floors look good. I also have the wheel skirts for the caddy. Car rolls fine steers fine, no brakes…top is heavy surface rust no holes. inside rear interior pretty nice needs a deep clean, needs headliner, motor is complete does not run but all there. this car is a photo magnet….

This “1969 Cadillac Hearse” in Sayre, Oklahoma was last seen for sale at $2500.00.