1969 Hearse Cadillac Miller Meteor Combination Ambulance Hearse

This 1969 Hearse Cadillac Miller Meteor Combination Ambulance Hearse was last seen for sale for $3200.00 in Richmond Hill, New York.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

1969 Cadillac Miller-Meteor endloader hearse with jump seats in the rear and other ambulance provisions (so it’s a duplex or combination). This is a good driver – drive it anywhere, including highway and long distance. Has many new parts and has been reasonably well maintained. It’s a 20-footer, but looks good enough to have been used for two days in a NYC movie shoot in November 2014 (Public Morals on TNT – See PHOTO). Starts instantly every time and runs and drives well for its age. It’s not flawless – there’s no carpet in front, headliner has dry rot, paint is flat “rat rod” black not a real glossy paint job, paint has areas of fade especially on the roof. Overall it’s in good vintage condition for a 46 year old car. Body is very solid and looks great from 20 feet away, but if you look for rust you’ll find it. Ideally the Buyer will inspect the car before buying so they can judge the car for themself. Most of the exterior photos are recent, but flat black tends to look better in photos than in person! The car finish resembles a black barbecue that has been sitting out in the weather for a few years, if this helps. The windows roll up and down, has a CD player, heater works, turn signals and all lights work. Front floor is rock solid but could use paint. Windshield has small, stable chip otherwise no damage (see PHOTO). Wipers work. The frame has two local areas of rust through which have been professionally reinforced – these are below the left and right doors where 5 foot angles have been added. (Two PHOTOS show the before condition on the left side frame; YouTube videos shows repairs at left and right frame). Rear floor has one area of rust through. Other areas where Cadillacs usually rust are surprisingly solid, such as the fender dog ears. Rear bumper has rust through but is very serviceable with a piece of aluminum tape covering the hole, otherwise bumpers and grill are nice. I drive the car on the highway and through NYC streets as-is, but if I were restoring the car I would eventually want to get the frame side pieces spliced and clean up a few of the rusty parts, like the gas tank straps and some of the front end components. In my opinion the frame and undercarriage are still very good for the cars age – I would not consider this advanced rust. The frame is not soft or flaking apart, so this car is still very restorable or at least worth owning. If you’re familiar with old cars, the photos and videos show the condition as best as possible without seeing the car in person. The 1969 Cadillac 472 cubic inch engine is arguably the best version built, because it has the higher compression ratio which was decreased in later years. Plenty of power and smooth engine at highway speeds. At idle car runs good but can be a little rough on a hot day. ALWAYS starts right up even after sitting. Transmission shifts smooth, rides super nice on the highway, plenty of power and handles well. This car rides better than my 1974 hearse and has more of an old muscle car response and road handling feel. On rough roads at slower speeds there’s some front end noise, especially when turning and hitting pot holes. Engine rear seal has a slow leak, so the bottom of the engine gets wet from oil but the car doesn’t leave a puddle of oil when parked. Exhaust runs clear but engine tends to have an oily/exhaust smell when idling and driving, but it’s to be expected from a 46 year old 6,000lb car with a big block 472. There is also a general musty smell to the car, probably can use some new weatherstripping and airing out. The dashboard brake light is on and the parking brake has a cable segment needing replacement, however, the brakes work excellent – drums in the back, discs in the front with new calipers and discs. Tires have about 6,000 miles on them with good tread. In my opinion this car has the best available Miller-Meteor interior styling – black vinyl throughout with a white mosaic patterned linoleum floor. There are 4 short YouTube VIDEOS showing the undercarriage and engine after a tune up last summer. Two of my PHOTOS show the search words to locate these VIDEOS. The rear leaf springs and some front end parts have rust, but they’re still serviceable. Steering wheel has the usual dried out 1969 horn ring that has been removed so horn doesn’t work. Clock is there but tipped over. Some photos are from last week while others are from August 2014 when I had the car up on a lift, since then the aftermarket air conditioning unit was removed from under the dash but the rest of the AC system is still present but not functional. Heat works fine..

This “1969 Hearse Cadillac Miller Meteor Combination Ambulance Hearse” in Richmond Hill, New York was last seen for sale for $3200.00.