1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Superior Hearse Coach

This 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Superior Hearse Coach was last seen for sale for $1883.00 in Paris, Tennessee.

I’m selling my 1970 cadillac hearse i have owned this car for about 20 years bought it from a local funeral home not far from here the car was built by superior coach the car has set more than its been driven I used it in my dj business to haul equipment for years i also dress up and take it out at halloween people love it ha It has a 472 v-8 engine that runs good and quite I had 2 used exhaust manifold put on about 2 years ago the car has duel exhaust on it with chrome tips that i had install it has a small hole in the cross over pipe if that was fix the car would be quite. i have had ball joint replace new yoke in transmission new midshaft bearing and new drive shaft i replaced the old rear end with a 1978 chevrolet pickup truck rear end so that u can buy parts for it the seals went bad in the old rear end couldn’t find parts for it the air conditioner would work if u replace the clutch on it car has power steering power windows am/fm cassette player tires are fair all lights work on it has green neon in the grill and in the back door and green neon license plate

This “1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Superior Hearse Coach” in Paris, Tennessee was last seen for sale for $1883.00.