1970 Cadillac Miller Meteor 3 Way Electric Hearse

This 1970 Cadillac Miller Meteor 3 Way Electric Hearse was last seen for sale for $6070.00 in Long Beach, California.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

1970 Cadillac MILLER/METEOR 3 way LANDAU HEARSE Ok, heres one you dont see or find around daily…. Check out this hard to find, complete, running and driving 1970 Cadillac 3 way hearse that was born and raised with right here in Southern California… I took it out of service in 2001 and sold it to a friend who had it for many years.. Then wife, house then a kid changed his priorities and it sat parked for 5 years.. I brought flat black hearse back to life by cleaning fuel tank, lines and carburetor and giving it a full tuneup, all fluids changed, checking cleaning all brake components and bringing the California tags up to current (Expire March 2017) and putting her back onto the LA streets again.. She runs great.. smooth.. strong and very responsive with no knocks or ticking of its powerful 472 Cubic Inch V-8 that just looooooves to pull its way down the highways!! Exhaust is dual cherry bombs that exits to the left before the rear wheel.. The transmission is smooth shifting with no problems. steering is smooth and tight.. The interior is black brocade thats a bit faded by age only worn at the top of the drivers door, all else is pretty nice and presentable. The front carpets, sun visors and head liner are very nice for a 46 year old hearse. The dash looks really good. Factory horn works along with the “added” Wheelen “AIR HORN & SIREN” with 100 amp external speaker. Under the dash is chrome lite up additional gauges for water temp, oil pressure & “amp” read outs. All the interior lights are on a “rocker panel” switch board in drivers control. This is equipped the the 3 way casket table is electric with all cornering pins, stationary & adjustable bier pins but currently only works in manual mode. It goes out both side doors and rear. This design began in 1927 and ended in 1984 and is getting harder to find in complete condition.. All the glass is very nice with no cracks The outside California rust free body is impressive, straight with a solid, no rot all steel top.. The following needs to be looked into or repaired. I have not had time to go into it.. Fuel gauge does not work. Wipers dont work. Clock stuck at 12:13. Heater dont work. Factory A/C not working. This 1970 Cadillac Miller/Meteor hearse comes with a Cadillac shop manual, new extra brake pads, front door hinge as I received the car.

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This “1970 Cadillac Miller Meteor 3 Way Electric Hearse” in Long Beach, California was last seen for sale for $6070.00.