1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Ambulance Hearse

This 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Ambulance Hearse, The Car Of Death was last seen for sale for $12500.00 in Fargo, North Dakota.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

1972 Cadillac Fleetwood ambulance hearse “The car of Death” coffin 472 Halloween party car or cruise night car show attraction vehicle. This car straight up turns heads! Some all the way around. No matter where you go if you wana be seen this is the car. You will hear it way before you see it as it has 472 big Block in it. Has dual exhaust with cherry bomb glass-packs and then it’s restricted by the skull tips and it is incredibly loud. I purchase the car about 5 years ago and now and it was then completely grey. It had been an ambulance hearse combo car in Florida then made its way up to the Midwest. There are lots of additions to the car but none that actually take away from the mechanical structure or its original state other than the steering wheel which I have and I did fold in the wheel wells a bit in so I could get the big Mickey Thompson Fatty’s with those Cragar rims up underneath there. I do have the original fender skirts as well as stock rims. The motor has had the top end gone through with hardened valve seats so you can run pump gas. Also had electronic HEI ignition put on, had the radiator gone through and completely flushed and resealed. I literally would drive this car anywhere. If you want a car that will turn every head or do you want a car for cruise nights and you want to be the main attraction this is the car for you. It has a lighting system inside and out that does 7 different colors and about 15 different programs. It also has a thousand watt stereo system with a CD player up front has to 6 feet by 9 speakers behind the seats and in the back has a sub box with I believe two twelves in it powered by 1000 watt amp. There are two skull flaming skull boxes in the rear but do not have skills currently in them they were custom-made per order. There’s the teenage girls coffin in the back along with numerous calls lots of zombie babies and of course the few skeletons that are along for the ride. The greatest of all holidays is just around the corner and this could be not only a money-making investment but I can assure you 100% it will make just about any kids night on Halloween. Other than having the wheels balanced and maybe an oil change I would jump in this car and drive it anywhere in the United States that’s how reliable I feel it to be. It does have a broken windshield as you can see in the pictures and a dent on the side of the passenger side rear but both add to the vehicle vs taking away from it.

This “1972 Cadillac Fleetwood Ambulance Hearse” in Fargo, North Dakota was last seen for sale for $12500.00.