1975 Cadillac Miller Meteor 3 Way Hearse

This 1975 Cadillac Miller Meteor 3 Way Hearse was last seen for sale for $5600.00 in Clovis, California.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

Up for auction is a very rare, beautiful 1975 Miller Meteor Landau Traditional 3 way hearse with the Dual-Action Levelizer feature. This funeral car is in excellent shape and all the casket handling and leveling features work perfectly. For those of you who are new to funeral vehicles the three-way casket handling feature is an electric table that moves the casket out of either side door or out the back door with the flick of switch. The Dual-Action Levelizer feature is a hydraulically controlled suspension that raises or lowers the car on either side to place the car in the best position for casket handling. For the hearse collector and those familiar with these vehicles, I’m sure you will appreciate how rare this car is and how hard it is to find one fully operational. We even have the original Miller-Meteor Division key fob that came with this car. I will even throw in an original sales brochure from 1975. This car was originally in service in Bakersfield, California. It was bought by a gentleman in Bellflower, California and kept indoors there for many years, I bought it about 5 years ago and basically refreshed the drive train and did some customizing. I did the customizing so that it is all removable so that a purist collector would appreciate the originality. It has 96,252 original miles and runs very well, I have driven it to shows all over CA and won a few awards with her. The top is not vinyl it is crinkle paint. The 500 ci, or 8.2-liter engine is the largest engine ever installed by Cadillac. The engine has a new timing chain, water pump, fuel pump and oil pump. We installed an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold with an Edelbrock Performer carb. We installed a Davis Unified high performance distributor and of course new wires and platinum spark plugs. We also installed a Sanden high-performance A/C compressor and converted the A/C to use R134a. The A/C works very well. We used custom brackets, underdrive pulleys and hardware from 500cid.com they also go by MTS Maximum Torque Specialists. The custom aluminum valve covers also came from MTS. We also did a smog pump eliminator kit as 1975 is smog exempt in Ca. We also installed a new radiator and of course all the belts and hoses are new. We also installed a brand new not rebuilt Powermaster 140 amp alternator and very nice dual exhaust with Flowmaster 50 series mufflers. We also installed dual batteries with an isolator to control the charging. The tires are almost new and they are high-quality Toyo’s. We also just put new brake drums, brake shoes, and spring kits on the rear and new rotors and brake pads on the front. All the ball joints and steering components and bearings are also new along with new shocks all the way around. This car drives like it is new. Of course, the rear is stiff with the hydraulic Levelizer cylinders but she rides very nice. The casket is actually a large speaker box for Kicker sub-woofers. It has 4 -12” Comp RT subs. We used shallow mount subs so the casket still has all the bedding and looks to be still usable. Kicker actually uses this build on their social media advertising around the month of October to show off different ideas for their speaker systems. We call it waking the dead on their site. For a fun effect, it also plays while the casket table slides in and out. It uses a 1,000i watt Kicker amp for the subs and an Alpine 300-watt amp for the mids and tweets. The fiberglass box for the head unit and 2 of the mids and tweets was custom made to fit between the seat and the dash with 2 cup holders. It was custom designed for this vehicle and air brushed with crosses and is very beautiful. The Casket is removable it just has an easy plug-in for the speaker wire. It has 2 more mids and tweets in the kick panels by the doors. As you can see in the photos it has blue LED lights behind the Landau bars on the sides and blue LED’s around the casket and in the casket compartment lights and in the floorboard areas. It also has blue LED lights that light up the engine compartment. There is also a white LED for the engine compartment just for convenience at night. The only negatives are the seat has a few rips as you can see and could be re-upholstered. There is one little paint blister that is from corrosion under the paint on the rear passenger side door.

This “1975 Cadillac Miller Meteor 3 Way Hearse” in Clovis, California was last seen for sale for $5600.00.