1977 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Hearse Landau Traditional

This 1977 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Hearse Landau Traditional was last seen for sale for $2500.00 in Greenfield, Ohio.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

1977 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Landau Traditional Endloader hearse. The funeral car is in good condition but does need some body work and paint and tinkering. It runs and drives but has been parked for a couple years after I bought it due to the fuel pump vapor locking. Before summer ended I replaced the driver side power window motor but did not reinstall the door panel yet. This is originally a triple black car, Sable Black paint, Black vinyl and brocade interior and the black crinkle top was painted over with white by the last funeral that had it in service. All glass is intact and no cracks. Includes- All side body chrome and extra windshield chrome. All casket rollers. New gas tank and fuel sending unit. Spare driveshaft. Spare hood. Used battery. 5 extra commercial chassis wheels. Set of four wire Cadillac hubcaps. New dash cap. New Carter mechanical fuel pump. Replacement taillight covers. Carburetor rebuild kit (ethanol friendly kit I believe)New timing chain kit. Two sets of funeral flags. Leather Cadillac manual holder. Factory Cadillac Dealer Service Manual (the big baby blue book) 1977 Miller-Meteor dealer poster. Spare sun visors. A couple of casket keys. Uncut set of vintage nickel Cadillac crest keys. Spare front chrome bumper. Both Miller-Meteor side emblems and probably more things I have forgotten that’s inside it. The interior is in great shape other than dash which will need patching over in a couple of spots. The bench seat has one tear in the vinyl binding around the edge. The passenger side sun visor will need to be repaired as it doesn’t want to stay up. The casket area lighting will need replacement bulbs. The driver side door panel will need to be installed. I installed a rare driver side mirror with factory thermometer, but the fiber optic lighting cable will need to be hooked up to a light source. The casket table is a Jewish roller setup, is in good shape but will need a good cleaning. I HAVE ALL HISTORY ON THIS VEHICLE FROM THE TIME THE CHASSIS LEFT GM TO EVERY FUNERAL HOME UP UNTIL WHEN I PURCHASED IT. ALL HISTORY IS PRINTED ON PAPERS SENT TO ME FROM THE DMV.I ALSO HAVE MANY RECEIPTS FROM PARTS PURCHASES KEPT IN A FOLDER.

This “1977 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Hearse Landau Traditional” in Greenfield, Ohio last seen for sale for $2500.00.