1977 Cadillac S&S Victoria Hearse

This 1977 Cadillac S&S Victoria Hearse was last seen for sale for $2675.00 in Westfield, New Jersey.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

This Sayers&Scovill Hearse(from the parent co)The Hess&Eisenhardt Company,of Cincinnati, Ohio was delivered to Rolfe Funeral Home of Oklahoma City OK, on Aug 3, 1977, with 10 miles on it then on Feb 22,1994 was sold to Miller-Stahl Funeral Home in Newkirk OK,with 69,000.miles on it. I bought it on Mar 27,2012 from a funeral car sales co.in Tulsa,OK with 92,343. miles it had just come out of service as a trade-in. The car runs very well with only 92,646 miles now (it will change as I do run it about) it has never been on the Jersey salt roads in winter! but has been outside parked at a friends Motorcycle shop they had the hood under a tree and a plastic sheet that left a stain in the paint! that even with a light sanding and detailing is still cloudy the rest of the car has small chips and scratches from normal use (it is 39 years old)but shows well 10 foot, the only rust is in the lower tailgate(see pics) all the body and doors are straight No sag! this car was ordered with a sliding glass partition, and the convenience of the (very cool) extension table, manual pull out! the rear area is in very good shape some small tears in the headliner, some corners of the carpet on the table are pulled up, and the curtains are starting to fall apart from age. There are 2 storage areas under the table 1 for a folding church truck,the other for a “Space Saver”spare tire now long gone the drivers area is very good as well,some cracks in dash&door panels the AM/FM radio works,A/C needs a charge was Ice Cold when I got Her,think it is still R12? P/W only the D/P doors work fine all-glass exc,con. Power Steering w/tilt/telescope you can steer with your pinkie!! some trim missing on the steering wheel,has a A.R.A Speed Control(cruse) never tried it?P/B fine,car rides like a Cadillac feels light and floats along the road on good tires w/ the original S&S hubcaps in Exc,condition The 425cid 7.0L V8 was tuned up at 92,367.miles and is Quiet!! The padded vinyl top is in super shape with a small corner pulling up put still super condition.I may have missed something but overall this is a great custom-built car that can be used as-is or fix tailgate and repaint and show.

This “1977 Cadillac S&S Victoria Hearse” in Westfield, New Jersey was last seen for sale for $2675.00.