1984 Cadillac Hearse

This 1984 Cadillac Hearse was last seen for sale for $1800.00 in Murrieta, California.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

Hearse for sale. Runs excellent. New Catalytic Converter, just passed smog. Burgundy exterior. Blue interior. Back area has spider web lining and spiderweb curtains. Since it is an 84 most of the electronics will need to be fixed- to include the power windows, locks, seat, and A/C. The Driver window has a tendency to fall off the track if unrolled too far- highly suggest getting it repaired. The headlights, tail lights, reverse lights, and engine lights do work. The vinyl top had deteriorated from sun damage, so it has been removed. Some body work and possibly paint would be recommended, but not really necessary. There is some oil leakage, but not enough for major concern, just don’t park it in your driveway without a pan.

This “1984 Cadillac Hearse” in Murrieta, California was last seen for sale for $1800.00.