1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse

This 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse was last seen for sale for $9600.00 in Cape Coral, Florida.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

BEAUTIFUL 1987 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD SUPERIOR HEARSE This car is in excellent condition. It has always been garage kept. It only has 84,997 original miles which is only 3,036 miles a year. This is a totally rust free car. With the 5.0 L V8 this car has great power on the road, and surprisingly “decent” gas mileage at 16 MPG. THE VELOCITY STACKS THAT COME THRU THE HOOD ARE REAL ! They are fully functional as cold air induction. They are bolted directly on the engine and feature an internal air filter so it is fully streetable. In addition, the stainless steel air box has it’s own water management system so the car can be driven in pouring rain and no water will effect the running of the engine. The stacks look great when the car is running. They move and “shake” as the motor shakes. It acts the same way the “shaker scoops” move on the Mustangs and Hemi Cudas. See the video below. VERY COOL. The custom dual skull exhaust features a flame thrower system that is sure to make you a hit at any show or car cruise-in. Sorry the picture I’ve included in this listing isn’t the best, but I’m sure it gives you a pretty good idea how well they work. See the video below. Also check out the video on the “GOLD FINGER” that comes out from under the rear plate by remote control. PAINT & BODY – EXCELLENT (NOT PERFECT… EXCELLENT) VINYL TOP- EXCELLENT CHROME – EXCELLENT CONDITION, but with a few scratches on the center plate of the rear bumper from loading and unloading INTERIOR – VERY GOOD – Blue velour interior, blue carpets, some slight fading in the carpets. Headliner – excellent AIR CONDITIONING – ICE COLD Converted to R134a ENGINE – EXCELLENT – 5.0 L V8 engine, custom dual exhaust with low restriction mufflers TRANSMISSION & REAR END – EXCELLENT – Transmission shifts smoothly as it should, and the rear end is whisper quiet WHEELS & TIRES – NEW One of my pictures gives you some closeups of some of the custom additions to the car: The skeleton door locks The Grim Reaper emblems on the side of the roof The skulls on the landau bars The “CRYPT DEVILLE” lettering The Skull exhaust tips The skeletons in the windows with the “LUCKY STIFF FUNERALS” signs that can be lit up at night The custom hood scoop with the “HELLRAISER V8” chrome lettering that the cold air induction stacks come thru on the hood The custom machined, chrome plated, billet aluminum “I COME FOR YOU” wings and skull on the rear hatch door Also note: All the skeletons, and “LUCKY STIFF FUNERALS” signs light with glowing green led lighting, and the two chrome skulls mounted on either side of the rear hatch door have red lighted led eyes. The front grille has a flying skeleton hood ornament mounted above it. The front bumper features a nicely detailed skull mounted in the center of it. All the spider webs that are mounted in the windows are flame cut from real steel and hand fitted to the corners of the windows. The coffin inside the back of the hearse is only a prop. It is not a real coffin. It looks good, but it is purely for looks, not for use. This is the 14th custom hearse I’ve built in the last 4 years, and if you’re looking for a beautiful classic custom to take to car shows, cruisin’s, or to just drive and enjoy everyday… then look no further. All this car needs is you behind the wheel. Fly into Fort Myers Airport, I’ll pick you up, and you can drive it home. This car is also advertised for sale locally, so I reserve the right to close the auction anytime before the car reaches it’s reserve price. Any questions, call John 239 558 5969 Here are 4 video links to: the flame thrower exhaust both day and night, the “shaker” velocity stack cold air induction, and the retractable “middle finger”. As I stated earlier in this listing, this is the 14th hearse we’ve built, and it is the last one. The pictures below are some of the cars we’ve built and sold over the last 4 years. DO NOT BE CONFUSED ! These are not for sale, they have been sold. The only car for sale is the white 1987 Cadillac hearse featured in the listing above. I just thought for you hearse enthusiasts, you might enjoy seeing these. I even threw in some pics of our rear seating conversion we did on a couple of the cars.

This “1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse” in Cape Coral, Florida was last seen for sale for $9600.00.