1992 Cadillac Hearse

This Cadillac : Other Hearse Sedan Classic Low Mile 1992 Cadillac Hearse Coffin Coach Cruiser was last seen for sale for $4201.00 in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

Originally considered public transportation, an elaborate framework would be erected over a coffin or tomb to which memorial verses or epitaphs were attached. It was then put on the top of horse-drawn carriages, looking much like a luggage rack. Today, the original hearse remains acknowledged by the bit of scroll work or stretched-out “S” on the side of a funeral coach, called Landau bars. Hearses were originally horse-drawn, but silent electric motorized carts were introduced as horses began to be phased out as transportation. Motorized hearses became more widely accepted in the 1920s. The vast majority of hearses since then have been based on larger, more powerful car chassis, generally retaining the front end up to and possibly including the front doors but with custom bodywork to the rear to contain the coffin. Some early hearses also served ambulances, owing to the large cargo capacity in the rear of the vehicle. The Ghostbusters Ecto 1 started life as a hearse body Ambulance. This classic Cadillac may or may not have carried somebody famous in its day lined up in funeral processions & it may not have been in a famous movie but this we do not know. Its life is far from over. This is a strong smooth running car with potential to be whatever you want it to be. Perhaps its day as a work horse in the field it was created for is not yet over, maybe you own a parlor and plan to keep it in service or perhaps you have plans to personalize it with plans of your own making it an expression of you. In the car business we say, there is a butt for every seat, IS IT YOURS? If it is, allow me to tell you about this one. For a 23 year old classic soon to be classified antique, it is in exceptional condition. Since it has been in our possession, we put on two new matching tires. Now all four have good tread. New front brakes, new water pump and fresh state and emission inspection.

This “Cadillac : Other Hearse Sedan Classic Low Mile 1992 Cadillac Hearse Coffin Coach Cruiser” in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was last seen for sale for $4201.00.