1999 Cadillac Hearse

This 1999 Cadillac Hearse With Casket was last seen for sale for $3100.00 in Danville, Illinois.

Here is a really nice Cadillac hearse purchased from a funeral home in Kentucky. The casket was purchased from another funeral home as a “scratch and dent” sale, but no scratches or anything wrong with the casket. It’s a solid wood 3,500 dollar casket is what they told me. Very heavy. The hearse itself is in amazing condition. Only thing wrong is the rust on the back door. It doesn’t affect anything but they do sell skins. All original. Has the 4.6, wig wags, 8 purple strobes and 4 strobes in the grill. I have the original amber strobe lights that came on the top. The top has a few cracks in the vinyl, barely noticeable. It just had a full detail, wax and reconditioned the top. It has ice cold a/c. There is red, looks like blood inside the driver’s side mirror (see pic). Silver exterior. Dark blue leather interior. 81,000 miles!!

This “1999 Cadillac Hearse With Casket” in Danville, Illinois was last seen for sale at $3100.00.