1978 Cadillac Hearse – Halloween Outlet’s ‘Jack In The Box’ Hearse by Distortions Unlimited

Halloween Outlet’s 1978 Cadillac Hearse, ‘Jack In The Box’ by Distortions Unlimited was last seen for sale for $1625 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Hearse archive – Not for sale

A Spooky Tradition by Halloween Outlet

In the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts, a delightfully eerie tradition took shape for decades every Halloween season. Picture this: you’re strolling down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly, a massive head pops out of a box atop a 1978 Cadillac hearse. But this isn’t just any hearse; it’s the infamous ‘Jack in the Box’ hearse brought to life by the now-closed Halloween Outlet. Let’s unveil the bone-chilling details.

A Haunting Transformation

For an astonishing three decades, the Halloween Outlet on West Boylston Street proudly showcased a one-of-a-kind spectacle. This 1978 Cadillac hearse, boasting a monstrous 425 cubic inch engine, heavy-duty suspension, and oversized tires, underwent a spine-tingling metamorphosis every Halloween. It emerged from the showroom to haunt the streets of Worcester, Massachusetts.

The Jack in the Box Hearse: Fright and Delight on Wheels

As you watched, that colossal head emerged from the box atop the hearse, and it was a ‘Jack in the Box’ like no other. Its mission? To play a delightfully morbid game of hide-and-seek with your nerves. The sight of it was enough to send shivers down your spine while making you chuckle in equal measure.

A Macabre Marketing Marvel

But why did this hearse exist, you may wonder? Well, it wasn’t just about sending chills down your spine; it was also about sending customers into the Halloween Outlet. In the past, this ghoulish marketing gem was so effective that Halloween Outlet employed three full-time employees just to drive it around town, spreading eerie excitement wherever they went.

A Distorted Design by Distortions Unlimited

For those curious about the devilish details, the eerie Jack in the Box perched atop the hearse was the brainchild of Distortions Unlimited, a Halloween prop shop hailing from the spine-chilling state of Colorado. This macabre masterpiece catapulted Distortions Unlimited to fame, thanks in part to their spine-tingling television show, “Making Monsters.”

While the Halloween Outlet and its ‘Jack in the Box’ hearse have retired into the annals of Halloween history, the spine-tingling memories it created remain etched in the minds of those lucky enough to witness this haunting tradition. Get ready to scream…with laughter, whenever you recall this eerie spectacle.