2016 Chrysler Hearse/1st Call Car/Funeral Service

This 2016 Chrysler Hearse/1st Call Car/Funeral Service was last seen for sale for $29995.00 in Long Island City, New York.

CHRYSLER MULTI-PURPOSE FUNERAL VEHICLE. It is brand new. It is still on an MSO and has never been registered or titled. It was used as our dealer demo. It is being sold with a full new car warranty by both Chrysler and Federal Coach/SVG for the conversion. The exterior of this vehicle says “PROFESSIONAL VEHICLE”. When used in funeral service it does not look like you are transporting the remains in a truck! This conversion has a full tuxedo vinyl top. There are (removeable) landau bars on the side. A complete chrome kit and to finish things off there are operational coach lamps on the side doors. The front fenders have flagstaffs (flags included) and there are four (clear) processional strobe lights in the front grille. With the cotmate in place it is easy for a single person to load/unload stretchers! The cotmate holds the stretcher and keeps the interior cabin of your vehicle in perfect condition. The cotmate lifts out after pulling one bier pin to expose the full casket floor. The attractive Madagascar floor has rollers and bier pins to allows use on funerals, casket transportation, etc. Many of our clients not only use this vehicle for first call service, but also on calls when their regular hearse is already out or on lower priced calls and trips to the crematory. This vehicle also comes in handy for the transportation of equipment to the cemetery. Tables, chairs, etc. will all fit in with the casket floor lifted out. If you have flowers to transport to church and cemetery the casket floor folds in half. Folding the floor in half not only exposes the Stow-N-Go seating for passenger use…but also two stainless steel flower trays. These trays collect any spilled water so that the van will not get rotted out by spilled flower water. Since this was our dealer demo it has some miles from showing it to various funeral homes. It has never been sold retail, never been registered, and will be sold domestically with the new car warranty fully intact.

This “2016 Chrysler Hearse/1st Call Car/Funeral Service” in Long Island City, New York was last seen for sale for $29995.00.