Unique Child / Maidens Horse Drawn Hearse Circa 1875 Hand-Carved Coach

1875 Horse Drawn Hearse

This Unique Child / Maidens Horse Drawn Hearse Circa 1875 Hand-Carved was last seen for sale for $7650.00 in Medford, Oregon.

Hearse archival, NOT for sale:

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One-of-a-kind horse-drawn hearse. Made specifically for funerals for a child or maiden, this smaller than usual hearse was originally painted in the traditional white color. In the high Victorian fashion, the carriage is covered with a hand-carved “encyclopedia” of funerary and classical images; drapes and tassels, acanthus-embellished pilasters, C-scrolls, Rococo shells, flowers, tri-foliate gallery, and topped with an ornate removable cupola with an insert for the traditional Christian cross ( or other symbol of your choice). The origin and maker are unknown but was acquired in Niagara, Canada in 2000.
The hearse has been owned, garaged and occasionally displayed for the last 16 years at the award-winning Darkwing Manor and Morguetorium Museum in Medford, Oregon.
Specs: Total length of the hearse (without the shaft) is 145″. Height is 101 inches to the top of the removable wooden cross, which is 23 inches high. Axle to axle is 7 ft., 5 inches.
Undercarriage is in excellent condition. Newly built , rubber-treaded, wooden wheel height: front wheel- 33 inches and rear wheel- 42.5 inches. Newly-made, brass-tipped trees and shaft are set up for a two-horse team.

Condition of wood-AS-IS, unrestored. The wood has been repainted in black, with checking, flaking and some loss. The rear door sag a bit. Some seam separation and cracking due to age. Several small decorative elements have become detached, or are missing. Part of the nickel-plated bench seat trim is missing, one of the four nickel-plated coffin bumper is missing. Coffin rollers intact, glass intact. As a haunted attraction and mourning museum collection item, this condition has suited us fine, thus no attempt has been made to restore the hearse to it’s original pristine white appearance.

This “Unique Child / Maidens Horse Drawn Hearse Circa 1875 Hand-Carved “ in Medford, Oregon was last seen for sale for $7650.00.