1875 Hand-carved Horse-drawn Hearse for a child or maiden

A Unique Relic of the Past: The 1875 Hand-Carved Child’s Horse-Drawn Hearse

This 1875 Hand-carved Horse-drawn Hearse for a child or maiden was last seen for sale in Medford, Oregon for $7650.

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Step back in time to 1875, where the art of craftsmanship met the solemnity of a child or maiden’s final journey. This one-of-a-kind hand-carved horse-drawn hearse, smaller than the usual, was meticulously crafted for a distinct purpose – to serve in funerals for children and young maidens. Originally painted in the traditional white color, this hearse embodies the Victorian era’s penchant for opulent and intricate design.

A Work of Art and Tradition: This exquisite carriage is a veritable encyclopedia of funerary and classical imagery. Its exterior is adorned with hand-carved drapes, tassels, acanthus-embellished pilasters, Rococo shells, C-scrolls, flowers, and a tri-foliate gallery. At its peak, an ornate removable cupola awaits, designed to hold the traditional Christian cross or any symbol chosen for the departed. The origin and maker of this unique piece remain shrouded in mystery, adding to its enigmatic allure. It found its way into the possession of its current owners in Niagara, Canada, in the year 2000.

A Keeper of History: For the past 16 years, this remarkable hearse has found a home at the Darkwing Manor and Morguetorium Museum in Medford, Oregon. It has been cherished, garaged, and occasionally displayed, becoming an integral part of the museum’s award-winning collection.

Technical Specifications: The hearse boasts impressive dimensions, with a total length of 145 inches (excluding the shaft) and a height of 101 inches to the top of the removable wooden cross, which stands at 23 inches. The axle-to-axle measurement is 7 feet and 5 inches. Its undercarriage remains in excellent condition, with newly built rubber-treaded wooden wheels. The front wheel measures 33 inches, while the rear wheel stands at 42.5 inches. The hearse also features newly-made, brass-tipped trees and shaft, designed for a two-horse team.

Aged Elegance: As a testament to its long history, this hearse displays its age with dignity. While the wood may show signs of checking, flaking, and minor loss, it retains its original, haunting black paint. The rear door sags gently, bearing witness to its many years of service. Some seam separation and cracking have occurred with time. A few decorative elements have become detached or gone missing, and parts of the nickel-plated bench seat trim have vanished. However, the hearse’s character remains intact, with its coffin rollers and glass in place.

A Haunting Piece of History: This hearse stands not only as a relic of the past but also as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era. As a treasured item in a mourning museum collection, it bears the scars of time proudly, a silent witness to the rituals and customs that have shaped our history and culture.

This 1875 Hand-carved Horse-drawn Hearse for a child or maiden was last seen for sale for $7650 in Medford, Oregon, USA.