1934 Oldsmobile Henney Hearse

This 1934 Oldsmobile Henney Hearse was last seen for sale for $4750.00 in Ringgold, Georgia.

This is a very interesting 1934 Oldsmobile -Henney coach that I’m helping a friend of mine sell. This unique car was driven from the dealership, back In 1934 over to Henney coach company and made into the Hurst. This car has a surprisingly low rust amount, the lower doors and fenders are very nice and the floors are pretty solid. The motor is a larger 6 cylinder GMC motor, I’m assuming to handle the extra weight that the vehicle would be carrying. The original motor is available and can be talked about if the buyer would be interested in it. The car is basically all there and ready for someone to make an incredible Street rod/Hot Rod or go back all original with it. This Car actually has independent front suspension which is neat considering the year. The original soft top went bad many many years ago and someone just put sheet metal on it to cover the area. This would be a great vehicle to do a sliding soft top similar to what the VW buses had. This car rolls and steers great and is easier than you might think to move around. This is pretty much all original except for the strait 6 upgrade done many years ago. This could be made into a custom 30’s limo with a sliding roof and late model drivetrain and chassis and be truly one of a kind. Oh, and the original hand-lettered paint is under the red, you can see a bit of the lettering in one of the pictures. Keep in mind that it will need complete restoration in all respects but it’s about one of the rarest 30’s cars out there and much different than the norm you will see. This car is a project of course and will need to be restored. We were told by a long-time Oldsmobile collector that there is a very small number of these in existence.

This “1934 Oldsmobile Henney Hearse” in Ringgold, Georgia was last seen for sale for $4750.00.