1936 Packard Henney Hearse

1936 Packard Henney Hearse: Where History Meets Modernization

This 1936 Packard Henney Hearse was last seen for sale in Annandale, New Jersey for $31,660.

This 1936 Packard is a testament to the golden era of automotive craftsmanship. Originally constructed as a commercial chassis, it was destined to serve as either a hearse or ambulance, adorned with the exquisite coachwork of the Henney Motor Car Company in Freeport, Illinois. The Packard-Henney partnership, spanning from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s, gave rise to an array of exceptional vehicles, encompassing ambulances, hearses, flower cars, and even custom passenger cars.

Timeless Elegance Preserved
What sets this Packard apart is its unaltered elegance. The original wheelbase of 160 inches remains intact, with no body modifications. The body proudly retains its 100% original form, a testament to its rich heritage.

Modern Upgrades
Beneath its classic exterior, this Packard has undergone a thoughtful transformation. Modern components have been integrated, empowering the vehicle to conquer today’s roads with grace and style.

Enhanced Performance and Comfort
The car now boasts a Camaro independent front suspension equipped with Global West Suspension tubular control arms and Varishock variable coilovers, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride. At the rear, a Ford 9-inch suspension provides stability.

For performance and safety, four-wheel power disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power, while power steering enhances maneuverability. Under the hood roars a Chevrolet 468 cubic inch big block engine, supercharged by a 671 supercharger, delivering exhilarating power. The GM 700R4 automatic transmission guarantees seamless gear transitions, while a custom aluminum radiator keeps the engine cool.

Creature Comforts and Entertainment
Inside, you’ll find a custom elm burl wood interior by Wabbitts WoodWorks, exuding timeless elegance. Power front seats, power windows, VDO instruments, and a Kenwood sound system with a 7-inch screen elevate the driving experience. Vintage Air AC and heat, powered by R134A refrigerant and electronic controls, ensure comfort in all seasons.

A Star at Car Shows
This Packard Henney Hearse has spent its days in a garage, lovingly covered. It’s been a star at car shows, often making long-distance journeys to out-of-state events. Whether it’s a dinner outing or a craving for ice cream, this car has been there, delivering smiles and thumbs-ups from admirers. Its charm even earned it a spot on an episode of “My Classic Car” with Dennis Gage.

In conclusion, the 1936 Packard Henney Hearse is a seamless blend of history and modernization. With its authentic elegance and modern enhancements, it offers an exceptional driving experience and turns heads wherever it goes, making it a cherished piece of automotive heritage.

This 1936 Packard Henney Hearse was last seen for sale for $31,660 in Annandale, New Jersey, USA.