1948 Packard Henney Hearse

This 1948 Packard Henney Hearse was last seen for sale for $9750.00 in Watsonville, California.

1948 Packard~Henney “Frankenstein” Hearse (Manual Nu-3-Way) Features Chevy 350 V8 Engine THM400 Automatic Transmission New Tilt Steering Column Power Brakes “Vintage Air” Heater/Defroster (No A/C)Power Steering (Chevy pump & Isuzu gearbox)New Electrical Rear & Right Front Mounted Cameras With 7″ Viewing Screen Walker Radiator With Electric Fan Modern Instrumentation “Chopped” Casket on Sliding Track Rear Air Shocks (Manual)Rebuilt Front Packard Lever-Action Shocks Rebuilt Front Packard Suspension Front Disc Brake Conversion (ABS Power Brakes, Inc.)Professionally Cleaned/Sealed Fuel Tank With Auxiliary Electric Fuel Pump. 1964 Chevy Truck Rear End Carpeted & Upholstered 10 Years AgoPower Front Windows Floor Shifter (Automatic)New Steering Column w/Tilt. Exhaust Lake/Side PipesNew Window Glass -Except Rear Door Window Powder Coated Front/Rear Bumpers Flaws Rear window is Lexan -NOT Glass. Original, curved, window was lost decades ago. There are scratches and some sun damage. Yes… I know the Landau bars are on backwards. All doors are NOT weather sealed. Hood can be lifted from either passenger or driver side, but tends to stick if opening from the passenger side. There is NO windshield wiper motor. There is an electric motor available on the market if you later need it. Passenger front door window stopped working and is in the closed position. Front door windows are the ONLY windows that open. At some point in the history of the car, the right side was badly damaged -causing the right rear door to stick out a bit. There is still some original lead filler used on the body.For those wondering… YES, there is some issues with cancer/rust. I’ve recently had the entire roof professionally sand blasted and sealed to the tune of $1000. Though the car is painted and upholstered, it did NOT go through a frame-off restoration. This Packard is looking for a new home and caring owner. It has had a rough life over it’s 70 years. It spent quite some time weathering away in a field before the previous owner transported it to a storage facility. Before that, the car was partially gutted to be repurposed as a ??. There are rust issues -as is common with vehicles of this age that spend time outdoors. It eats car covers and won’t fit most garages. Putting it back on the road mostly involved parts from a 1964 Chevy truck, an Isuzu Trooper, Dodge van, and whatever I could scavenge at auto shows and swap meets. This was a “home build” and NOT a “frame-off” restoration. The car runs and drives well, but have never driven more that 50 miles from home. Cameras have been added to the right front fender and rear bumper to cover blind spots. Please Note: This vehicle is absolutely not a total restoration and I do not promote it as such. This is a driveway/home build. Yes, there is cancer and rust from many decades of neglect, and scars from botched accident/modification repairs. The car, itself, has over 1,100 miles on the clock -but the engine and transmission have quite a bit more.

This “1948 Packard Henney Hearse” in Watsonville, California was last seen for sale for $9750.00.